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Low cost income protection insurance. Short term or long term income protection available depending on your needs. Our short term income protection provides unemployment, accident & sickness (ASU) cover with monthly benefits of up to £1,500 per policy. Our long term income protection provides accident & sickness cover until you retire. So why not protect your income and lifestyle against the unexpected with our affordable unemployment, accident and sickness cover? Get a quote and buy online today! And for every policy sold, £1 is donated to charity.

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Combined Short Term and Long Term Income Protection
This policy is a combination of both the above Accident, sickness and unemployment and Income Protection policies.

If you select both policies to work in conjunction with each other the short-term policy (unemployment and sickness insurance) will commence from day 1 (You can not make an unemployment insurance claim for the first 120 days of your policy). The Long Term policy will be deferred by 52 weeks so you will be able to claim on your long term policy immediately after your short term policy expires (subject to meeting the insurer’s eligibility criteria).

1st stop insurance
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Worried about your family's financial security? Protect your loved ones for as low as £1.151 per week.

Travelling abroad is expensive. Don't add to the cost of your holiday by skimping on insurance.


unemployement Insurance -short term and long term accident sickness cover .

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Endsleigh’s can protect a clients rental income with our special legal expenses and
An Endsleigh policy will help you evict non-paying tenants while the cover also protects their rental income. This versatile policy will allow your clients to choose the most appropriate cover, whether this be a.

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