Taking care of your Pets Health can be very expensive. We all love our pets. The Muddy paws. Hair all over the sofa. The are part of the family. We would not want be without them. But what happens if they get ill, get lost, have an accident or cause one? Who'll take care of them then? Who'll foot the bill?

Veterinary Care

The answer should be a loving and caring owner with good pet insurance. But not everyone can afford the expensive Vets bills.
that's why its importnat to have your pet insured. Insurance

Pet insurance helps you manage the rising costs of veterinary care, so you won’t have to choose between your pet’s well-being and your finances. Another reason pet health insurance is becoming more prevalent is because veterinary science has advanced significantly in recent years.

Your Pets Health

Health insurance is now available for dogs, cats, and exotics. Health insurance for pets also cover accidents and illnesses. Health care is not cheap and if your pet needs an emergency surgery it would be nice to think that you don't have to pay for everything on your own.

Pets Medical Insurance

Basically health insurance for pets are a way for pet owners to reduce (or even remove) the risk of having to pay huge medical bills, hospital bills and ongoing treatment and care. Your vet is a highly skilled expert who has the ability to practice the latest medical techniques often required to return your dog to good health. Eliminate the financial stress of providing unexpected medical attention. Thus health insurance is a kind of insurance where one's medical bills are paid by the insurer according to the policy taken.

Pet Insurance Plans

Pet health care policies also contain annual premiums and various coverage plans.

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Homebase Insurance and Credit Pet Insurance Up to £7,500 cover for vet’s fees with Homebase Pet Insurance. Homebase could protect your cat or dog from just 2 months old with no maximum age limit to cover vet’s fees.

A choice of cover to protect yourself against unexpected costs No upper age limit to cover your pet for vet’s fees – unlike some other insurance companies We can pay the vet direct giving you one less thing to worry about Spread the cost by paying monthly with no extra fee Cover includes help if your pet is lost or stolen Bereavement counselling and other helplines included as standard As with all insurances terms and conditions apply.



Free veterinary care provided by PDSA for owners who cannot afford private vet fees is not limited to dogs and cats.

See if you are in there catchment area.

First Aid for Dogs and Cats .. Coming soon

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